Video Chat, Email and Chat services

I offer some services via Video Chat, phone and Email for your convenience.

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  • Are you comfortable enough with technology to consider therapy in a new way?
  • Are you ready for therapy but short on time?
  • Do you like reading books, emailing and chatting online?

Online counseling or coaching is the right choice for you!

Online sessions are conducted via secure and encrypted chat and email. Video Chat therapy or video chat coaching is available as well. Therapeutic encrypted email exchanges allow you to send me detailed information about your situation, taking time with your words and concerns. I will return an email with feedback, suggestions and recommendations. Chat occurs in real time and is conversational in style. Email is not in real time and can provide meaningful time between exchanges to reflect on responses.

If you enjoy language, reading, communicating via letters, email and chat, then you will enjoy a counseling process that is text-based. The use of language can be very powerful. Using text as the basis for therapy is much like reading a book that paints the picture perfectly while the movie might not do justice.

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