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Welcome! My name is Kat Waldrop. I have completed the requirements to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Valdosta State University. I am presently completing the requirements for State Licensure in Georgia as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I also have a B. S. Degree in Psychology from Jacksonville University where I graduated in three years with Magna Cum Laude honors.

While at Jacksonville University, I played NCAA Division 1 softball. This experience ingrained in me what I already suspected – that I am very driven and goal oriented. Balancing my academic obligations, my athletic obligations, and my personal life proved very challenging and required both personal discipline and goal setting and accountability .

In my therapeutic work, I use my life experiences to help my clients define, pursue and accomplish their individual and unique goals. Success in any pursuit is a journey, and being able to assist my clients in achieving their goals is one of my professional skills. Additionally, I have always had a deep curiosity about people’s life experiences and how each person makes sense of their life experiences. I always take time to understand each client’s life story from the client’s perspective,and I listen carefully to the narratives that my clients share with me in therapy as an integral part of my therapeutic approach.

I am currently a Marriage and Family Therapy intern. I use a culturally sensitive and systemic lens when approaching therapy. I join my clients in their unique life journey where the client is on their life continuum when the client enters therapy. I take into consideration each client’s unique background, influences, and demographics which have played a part in directing that individual client’s journey. When entering into a therapeutic relationship, it is important that I take into consideration the entirety of my client’s life journey – not just where the client is in their journey at that moment in time. Each of us have had different life experiences and are on our personal and unique journey, and as a therapist, I join each client on their journey rather than attempting to have my client join me on my journey and rather than attempt to direct my client’s journey based on my life experiences.

My title of being a Marriage and Family Therapist is a bit misleading. I am trained to and enjoy working with families and married couples. However, I am also trained to and enjoy working with life partners, children, adolescents, teens, and individual adults. I am also trained to and enjoy working with several unique categories of individuals.

One such category is those of all ages who are struggling with substance abuse issues. I previously interned with a substance abuse in-patient treatment center. While working there, I integrated my therapeutic approach with the 12-step program my clients were working at that time. I found that I had a unique ability to connect with these clients and to help the client understand the reason why the client began using and abusing their substance(s) of choice, to help the client learn and understand how addiction has shaped their daily life experiences, and to help the client work toward gaining control of and conquer their substance abuse issues.

Additionally, I have taken several safe space trainings and feel that I have a good grasp on the issues that LGBTQ+ members face. I enjoy working with a diverse population and creating an environment of inclusivity.

I also have a lot of personal experience as an athlete who has competed at the highest possible level of my sport. I very much enjoy working with others who have/are competing at every possible level of their chosen sport. As a former NCAA Division 1 college athlete, I have a personal and unique background and understanding of the pressures -both internal and external – that athletes experience at all levels and all stages of their athletic journey. My personal experiences and professional training allows me to have special insight into the minds of athletes which aids me in understanding the external and internal pressures, expectations and demands that the athlete is experiencing and helps me to work with the client athlete to process and manage those pressures, expectations and demands. .

Finally, during the Covid quarantine, I refined my ability to work with children, adolescents, and teens using gaming/video games as a platform to connect with certain clients. I have found that using video games as a therapeutic medium is helpful for certain younger clients that are unsure about therapy or may have or be experiencing social anxiety. Therapy can be a very intimidating process for my any client, but especially teens and kids. Using video games as a means of connecting with them has proven to ease their anxiety about the process and helps me connect with them much more quickly. Finally, using video games has proven helpful in giving certain clients a way of broaching and discussing subjects that are very painful and difficult for them.

The challenges of the year 2020 have caused many of us to interact and learn to function virtually like never before. I have been trained and utilized tele-therapy to have therapeutic sessions with clients. I am equally comfortable meeting with my clients in person or virtually at the client’s option.

I am presently practicing under the clinical supervision of Martha Laughlin and under the direction of my site director, Carolyn Tucker LPC. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and help you along your unique and personal life journey. If you have any questions or need further information, you can reach me via telephone at 404-827-8743 or via email at kat@tuckerandassociates.me.


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