Carolyn is an entertaining and engaging speaker and is available for international as well as domestic engagements.

What Carolyn Will Bring to Your Engagement:

1) Connection With Crowd – Audiences want to feel understood by the speaker. Carolyn gets to know each group in advance to create humor and rich content that relates to their experience. She quickly builds rapport with her audiences  enabling her to more effectively relate her messages on anxiety, stress management, self care and TransEnergy.

2) Stage Experience- You need more than just an expert; you need an expert speaker. Carolyn has been speaking to large and small groups for almost three decades. She’s presented to medical professionals, attorneys, service reps, CEOs, managers, teachers, students and servicemen all over the world. She’s spoken in auditoriums, ballrooms, conference rooms, churches, gymnasiums and living rooms. She’s worked with last minute schedule changes, room changes, blackouts, AV glitches, AC glitches and even a tornado. She’s managed audiences that were enthusiastic, tired, motivated, cynical and hungry. With Carolyn’s many years and dozens of speeches of experience, you can feel confident in her ability to do a great job, no matter the circumstances.

3) Life Experience – More than a psychotherapist and speaker, Carolyn has lived and worked through a series of life and professional experiences that lend her tremendous credibility. She’s lived through a divorce, the loss of a child, built a business, and written a book. As a speaker, Carolyn draws from educational, professional and life experience to make her presentations engaging and enjoyable.

4) Motivation and Inspiration – As a woman who started her career at midlife, Carolyn understands the power of inspiration. Whether we like or not, all aspects of life have an emotional element. Carolyn’s programs are about how to manage these feelings and thoughts so we can perform at a higher level.

5) Customized Programs – The best speakers recognize that no two groups are exactly alike. While Carolyn sticks to what she knows, she customizes every message to the needs of the client. She’ll ask questions and do her homework.

6) Easy To Work With – Carolyn makes the entire experience ALL ABOUT YOU. She will work with your organization on budget, message, materials, and any logistics in order to meet necessary deadlines.  She will minimize requests and do everything she can to make your life easier.  She wants you to look good and sleep well knowing that your event is in good hands.

Review of a Recent Workshop

If you haven’t heard Carolyn Tucker speak try to catch one of her workshops real soon.  She is funny, practical, energetic open and loaded with helpful strategies and tools.   Carolyn recently presented to a group of metro Atlanta women who are being trained as community-based doulas with the goal of reducing low birth weight births and disparities among African-American women.  We all thought her presentation was fabulous!

If you haven’t heard Carolyn Tucker speak try to catch one of her workshops real soon. She is funny, practical, energetic open and loaded with helpful strategies and tools. Carolyn recently presented to a group of metro Atlanta women who are being trained as community-based doulas with the goal of reducing low birth weight births and disparities among African-American women. We all thought her presentation was fabulous!

At the end of the day, on their way out the door, doula trainee after trainee said, that she was very helpful. Her evaluation results were glowing – and exceeded expectations for relevance, engagement, usefulness and knowledge. When the group re-convened five days later, the women provided concrete examples of the tools and strategies they tried with their children, husbands and ex-husbands and families since they had attended Carolyn’s presentation. They were giddy with their new-found piece of mind and feelings of relief and control.

Also, all of the trainees felt like they had learned tools for managing anxiety and stress that they could share with their clients. Thus, Carolyn helped the helpers and those who they will help.

Again, if you have not had a chance to attend a session with Carolyn, I encourage you to do so. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you, again Carolyn!

Teri L. Lewis

Director, Healthy Families and Relationships

Specialized topics

Carolyn can tailor-make a presentation to meet the needs of your organization. With a few interviews to gather information and to determine your needs and budget, Carolyn can develop an offering that will wow your group.

How to Manage the Energy of Anxiety in your Body

Carolyn utilizes the “medicine” in her toolbox to assist audiences in learning how to defeat anxiety and shift it from their bodies.This presentation is effective for companies, schools and groups to assist in increasing productivity and improving the quality of life of the participants.

Anger Management for Kids and Teens

This fun and creative class works to help parents to become equipped with tools to help children and teens express and deal with anger in an effective manner. Interventions are taught to help the parents maintain their cool while assisting the kids in learning practical ways to channel their emotions in a way that is beneficial not destructive.. This workshop stresses good communication skills and relationship building. As an adjunct to this workshop please take a look at my anger management app for kids. It is an easy way to teach coping skills to young ones.

Creative Parenting Workshop

This class is designed to get you thinking of creative ways to parent your child so that you get the most out of your relationship. Creative discipline is taught to address any behavioral or relationship issues you may encounter as a parent. Parenthood is such a beautiful and exciting time, please rely on my experience as a psychotherapist and a mother of four to assist you in learning new and effective ways to address issues in your home and to maximize your relationships during this special time in your life!

Stress Management

Carolyn is available to come to your location to present a wide variety of stress management tools. She loves the opportunity to custom tailor a stress management program to meet the needs of your business, organization or group!

Please see my “Contact Me” page to inquire about scheduling a speaking engagement, workshop or class!

Calendar of Speaking and Events

  • Auguat 2 2012 Intown Midwifery Open House
  • August 16 Lumina Birth Grandparenting Class Grant Park
  • September 8 2014 Disabled American Veterans
  • September 12 2014 Tabernacle Church Atlanta
  • September 19 2013 Disabled American Veterans
  • September 30 2012 Monthly Meditation and Manifestation Group TRU Integrative Health and Wellness
  • October 3 2013 St Joseph Mercy Care Center Atlanta
  • October 10 2012 Finding Center An Interactive Evening of Relaxation TRU Integrative Health and Wellness
  • October 16 2012 Lumina Birth Grandparenting Class Grant Park
  • October 22 2013 Parenting with Pride at the Giving Tree Decatur
  • October 26 2012 St joseph Mercy Care Center Atlanta
  • November 7 2012 TRU Integrative Health and Wellness Monthly Event
  • December 11 2012 Grandparenting Class Lumina Birth Grant Park
  • January 23 Dessert and Dish at Children’s Wellness Center
  • January 29 2013 Skyland Trail

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