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Psychedelic Integration is designed to assist those seeking support in connection with psychedelic experiences. Individuals who have had difficult experiences can benefit from a better understanding of the often-challenging feelings stirred up by psychedelics; while those who have found the use of psychedelics to be a positive method of gaining insight can use supportive therapy to bolster and integrate that knowledge into their daily lives.

Previously, individuals seeking support for such experiences, or simply looking to better understand and make use of the insights, had virtually nowhere to turn. Today, Psychedelic Integration Therapy is tailored to meet people with full engagement and open curiosity; to aid those who seek support in navigating their relationship with these substances.

Psychedelics are profound substances that generate significant shifts in a person’s life as well as their understanding of themselves and reality. Such experiences can be very difficult to deconstruct and understand, especially if they were characterized by fear, confusion, and/or pain.

My integration support helps to identify and preserve the important personal, and spiritual insights awakened during psychedelic experiences and weave them coherently into our daily lives, even if those experiences were frightening.

Please know that this is not active psychedelic psychotherapy or encouraging psychedelic use. It is a service for those who have chosen to explore psychedelics and are looking for support in optimizing its positive impact in their lives or help to rehabilitate from the damaging impact of a negative experience.

The integration coaching I offer is specific to psychedelics but is informed by non-psychedelic therapeutic training and is thus also useful in supporting people in times of non-psychedelic emotional or psychospiritual distress.

  • Support in deconstructing a psychedelic experience so as to understand where it fits into the narrative of your life. The core principle is to help you discover what emotional themes your psychedelic experience exposed and link those themes to your personal history. This helps to give your psychedelic encounters digestible form, as well as place and meaning in your sober life, but without losing the magic and wonder of it all.
  • Support in understanding and resolving the distress left over from a traumatic psychedelic experience, aka a bad trip. The core principle here is to help you reconnect with what happened in a way that allows you to feel safe. Safety enables curiosity. With that curiosity, we can uncover not only the place your fear and pain arose from but how you can move forward in your life with that ‘bad trip’ now a ‘hard trip’ in retrospect.
  • Support in generating a great sense of self-awareness as to what might have you ‘stuck’ in certain cycles of behavior, as well as understanding and resolving general distress in your life brought on by current events or past trauma (including intergenerational).

DISCLAIMER: I do not provide psychoactive or illicit substances. I do not conduct or promote psychedelic psychotherapy outside of approved clinical trials and I do not provide referrals to “underground” (illegal) psychedelic services.

There is much current research coming to light about the benefits of the safe use of psychedelics to address issues with trauma, anxiety and depression. Please do your own research in making decisions about the use of these substances. In preparation for doing psychedelic integration work, I have gathered an extensive background of trauma training, have completed the Zendo project harm reduction training, completed personal studies in depth psychology and dreamwork, and most recently attended the Psychedelic Science Summit in Austin Texas, presented by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. I strive constantly to provide cutting edge modalities for my clients, and am most excited about the new research concerning psychedelics and mental health.

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